Facebook Integration for Radios-TV Vrat

“Either move with the times or face extinctionI’ll try and resist my usual verbose waffling.

I’ve been forced to accept the inevitable, Radios-TV Vrat needs to increase its chances of engagement and love or loath it, Facebook offers just that. Now with one click/tap you can easily share a Vrat post to your Facebook timeline.

You can now register at Radios-TV Vrat with your Facebook. If already and existing member you can link your Facebook to Radios-TV Vrat account. From then on, no username and passwords required here, just use the “Connect with Facebook” button.

Share Vrat Posts on Facebook

Via the Facebook developers tool, I created a Vrat app to implement this social sharing and login integration.  On each Vrat post, blog article or blog comment, you will now see the familiar “f” or “share” button, I think you’ll all know what happens next. I’ve tested it and the Vrat app interface works, loading up your Facebook timeline comment page, in a pop out window from Vrat. So if you fancy sharing something on your time line its just one simple click to achieve it.

Radios-TV Vrat; Vintage Television Facebook Group

Not only that, I’ve also created a Private Radios-TV Vrat – Vintage Television Forum Group, a number of folk have already found us. My thanks to Chris (The_Teleman) who I’ve recruited there as our Facebook group moderator, I’m way out of my depth on how F-book controls work so relying on his knowledge to assist me.

Facebook Integration for Radios-TV Vrat 1

Radios-TV; Facebook Group

Whats Next

Have a read of the FAQ here.


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10 months ago

Hi Chris,

I can understand, Facebook seems to be the go-to place online for many, hope it has the desired effect.

I do have an account but admit it’s little used.

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