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Ferguson Feedback 1

Thanks to the kindness of Jim, (jcdaze) the technical library has started to be populated with the “Ferguson Feedback” publication. Jim has 40 issues and the first three issues have been scanned and uploaded via the library donation service, the rest will follow in due course. I for one will find these invaluable especially as Thorn and their offerings be it TV, VCR or audio, feature significantly in my collection.

Once again many thanks to Jim for his efforts 👍

Along with all the other publications such as CES Philips this further adds to the already extensive data in the library.

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16 days ago

Thanks for uploading the files, they were published after my time in the trade but still very readable.

When manufactures supplied good service manuals, monthly updates and training facilities, I don’t think it’s the same today.

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14 days ago

Thanks for these. That’s my lunchtime reading sorted for the next week or so

14 days ago

I hope the latest batch are straight and clear as I did them last night with after enjoying a couple of pints of beer! There is a list of monochrome model numbers and chassis types in issue 12 as a follow up to the issue with colour model and chassis types.

14 days ago

Thanks for making these available.
I only have issues (14~16) concerning the CD01 compact disc player, it will be interesting to read through the other issues as articles are well written and simply explain technicalities.. A valuable addition to the library.

14 days ago

I’m pleased that they are appreciated as I’ve had kept them for all 35 years or so and they are the kind of technical  information that needs saving and sharing. Thanks to Chris for making that possible. I thought at first that I had 40 copies to scan and upload but have now found more and that means there will be 54 editions in total. 

14 days ago

@jcdaze can I also add my thanks for the work you have done and also a request if I may? I’ve been on the lookout for a DER technical bulletin for some time, it has the details of a modification to remove interference emanating from the 7 segment LED driver stage on the TRUMPS2 board. This was used in some versions of the TX100, It’s not the mod details I’m after but if you have you’ll see the connection.

Reply to  Jayceebee
13 days ago

@Jayceebee I’ll certainly have a browse through what I’ve got with reference that mod and the led driver. Issue 32 of the Feedback has a detailed article on the TRUMPS2 circuit and I should be uploading that sometime next week. 

12 days ago

Thanks again to Chris for hosting this, and to jcdaze for taking the time to scan, upload, and share these.
I did have quite a few of these, although not by any means all, and I always regretted not keeping them.
Chris, I am downloading these as they appear if that is ok with you ? I don’t want to appear to be abusing the data library and I am not usually a “serial downloader” of your data by any stretch, just that I would like to keep a local personal (for me only) copy to read through as time permits, I hope this is ok ?
Thanks once again to both of you for making these available.

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