Ferguson Portables 82-86

A collection of portables, Black & White, Colour and Monitors from the period 1982 – 1986

Ferguson Portables 82-86 1 Ferguson Portables 82-86 2 Ferguson Portables 82-86 3 Ferguson Portables 82-86 4 Ferguson Portables 82-86 5

Ferguson Portables 82-86 6

Ferguson Portables 82-86 7 Ferguson Portables 82-86 8 Ferguson Portables 82-86 9 Ferguson Portables 82-86 10 Ferguson Portables 82-86 11 Ferguson Portables 82-86 12 Ferguson Portables 82-86 13 Ferguson Portables 82-86 14  Ferguson Portables 82-86 15 Ferguson Portables 82-86 16 Ferguson Portables 82-86 17 Ferguson Portables 82-86 18 Ferguson Portables 82-86 19 Ferguson Portables 82-86 20 Ferguson Portables 82-86 21 Ferguson Portables 82-86 22 Ferguson Portables 82-86 23

Ferguson Portables 82-86 24

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1 year ago

Thanks for uploading these.

My Gran had a 37140 for many years as a second set when she bought a caravan that could be connected to the mains.

It’s not surprising that the Sinclair Spectrum is mentioned in the monitor pages, as Thorn were making them at Enfield on behalf of Sinclair.

1 year ago

Thanks for posting Chris, I saw most of these models at one time or another.

1 year ago

We rented a 37023 and a 37140 from MultiBroadcast simultaneously. 37140 gave no trouble at all, 37023 needed luminance adjustment, once had sound jam at full volume, frequently lost remote control sensitivity, occasionally lost green on teletext and once had its switch break. (Radio Rentals had become responsible for it by then.) In any case, both are on my list of sets to have in my collection.

1 year ago

Looking again at this, one of my dad’s cousins had a 3756 in about 1983. I remember because another was watching YTV’s “Calendar” on it and I mentioned that I recognised Richard Whiteley from “Countdown”, but Channel 4 had not reached Chesterfield transmitter by then. I remember the remote control. I’m not sure where the actual owner of the set was at the time.

1 year ago

I had a 38030 years ago new as a Christmas present. But when I then had a Hinari TVA1 a little later also a Christmas present my sister then had the Ferguson which she later sold onto our neighbour. But a few years ago now I acquired a decent one from one of Mikey405’s gatherings which hasn’t actually been turned on for a while but I’m sure it will still work.


14 days ago

Thank you so much for this post. I’m currently restoring a TB6213 from 1984, externally identical to the 37023C (I suspect internally, too), but branded Baird, for Radio Rentals. With comparatively little information on these late-stage TX9-based machines, it’s just great to even see one out in the wild! Also lovely to see the 3755A – I watched all four series of Blake’s 7 on one of those while growing up.

Reply to  HD41117
12 days ago

6213 were absolutely brilliant sets, not much went wrong with them. Only things I can think of off the main chassis is a 1N4148 type diode which went leaky causing weak line lock on any channel other than 8 which was for VCR operation. Also a short ribbon cable on the text board needing resoldering which caused gibberish teletext.

Reply to  John
4 days ago

Hello John. Thank you for your reply and sharing your experience. When the set is fully up and running I will be inserting teletext into the signal so I will keep the ribbon cable in mind ahead of that adventure! I won’t go into too much detail here as I plan to (finally) post something about this project on the forum, but from a dead set we now have sound, and raster on a good CRT, although there is an overall cast of reddish brown to everything, which I think could be down to the sub-carrier not being demodulated correctly. I’ll be back at the bench this Tuesday (3rd Aug.) so we shall see.

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