Flash and Embarrassment 1
By Member Joe Mitchell

I had not been working with RR (Radio Rentals) for very long. I was on a service call to a Baird model 8734 with BRC 3500 chassis. The set was in front of a radiator, with the set still running I removed the back and swung up the convergence panel, the metal lug on the panel brushed the radiator, you’ve probably guessed, there was a blinding flash accompanied with quite a significant spout of hot water from the punctured radiator.

I ignored my safety instructions and didn’t use my neon screwdriver to check that the chassis was neutral. On examining the mains plug which was fitted by the customer the live and neutral were reversed and the fuse had the usual piece of silver ‘fag’ paper wrapped round it!! However, I was forgiven by the boss although RR had to pay for a new radiator.

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6 years ago

You can see the Baird 8734 once again by visiting our brochure section which is available up top under “Television”. Here’s a quick link to the Radio Rentals section

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