Forum Free Registration Closed

Forum Free Registration Closed 1

All Good Things…….

Over the past number of years, forums are being steadily replaced by “Facebook groups”. Especially in the minds of younger generations and in the eyes of those looking for perceived quick wins (cap & board swappers) rather than investing time and effort in learning about vintage electronics and importantly component level fault-finding.

It seems that any man and his dog can set up a Facebook group, and many do! Most of these, with just a few exceptions, spread poor advice, not in the least bit surprising in this age of misinformation. These type of Facebook groups often becoming the last refuge of the ill-informed.

One example, a chap blanket replaced every capacitor and resistor on a rare CTV line-timebase panel. They got every capacitor value wrong, let alone the resistors. When the TV failed to work and the errors were pointed out to them, in their infinite arrogance proclaimed it was the LOPT was faulty because it was protesting! No shit Sherlock, I guess that has nothing to with incorrect component replacement and most importantly, the fly-back tuning cap now being way out of spec! After no other so-called engineers were calling this out, it was time to swiftly bail out of Facebook altogether.

When these groups fail to deliver, as they frequently do, participants are pointed towards the UK forums, resulting in a never ending stream of these idiots turning up at our door. Zero interest in learning, zero ability, all with one thing in common, just wanting to be spoon-fed. Many with confidence proclaiming utter bewilderment that, “I replaced all the caps, but it still won’t work!”. Many disappear never to be seen again when the learning gets tough and in some cases resorting to rudeness on their way out, despite being treated well by Vrat members. Hence, why we have now ceased new memberships.  What is also astounding to us is the fact many ex TV engineers who used to populate the forums, now seem equally happy to reside on Facebook, each to their own I guess and C’est la vie.

We’ve had a good run, 13-years to be precise, the superstitious inclined might say,”unlucky year!” I guess just as the TV trade went the way of the dinosaurs, so forums, too, shall now pass into obscurity.

To be absolutely clear, the forum is not closing, it remains fully open to existing members and will continue. The main Blog at Radios-TV will also continue to be updated with fresh articles, brochures and interesting Trade Tales (when submitted) to further document the now defunct British TV trade. Guests for the foreseeable future can continue to comment on all Blog articles. As ever, all guest comments are queued for approval prior to publishing, so please be patient. All that has happened is we will no longer permit free open registration. Existing members may propose new recruits for consideration, but the bar shall no longer be low!

Heartfelt thanks to those who have supported us in the past and the few who continue to actively participate on the Vrat forum.

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