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gec6 gec7 gec8 gec9GEC 2115 (2040 Chassis)

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The Final GEC’s: The early 1980’s

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4 Replies to “GEC”

  1. Very interesting, our first colour set was rented from Granada TV rentals back in the 70’s about the same time I started work as a TV Apprentice. The set we had was the 19 inch version of the 2115, if my memory serves me correctly was the 2103.

    As an Apprentice I used to do a lot of work on the 2100 when they where rather a new set and later on the solid state 2111 series, at the time though our main line was the wonderful ITT CVC5 but the GEC will always hold fond memories. At one time about 10 years ago I did own 2 2028 dual standard colour sets ………wish I had them now .


  2. I’d forgotten that there were varicap tuners fitted to the last of the 2040 hybrid chassis. I did have a 20″ C2115 for several years until recently. It worked very well indeed and had particularly pleasing colour. I swapped it for another 2040 chassis model, this time a 22″ 2100 which also works beautifully.


  3. The description of the 2028’s use of hybrid technology certainly tells Thorn what they think of their 2000 chassis! Wonder who that description was aimed at? I notice that the GEC’s line output stage was capable of 25kW (sic) – must have had some massive valves in there!


  4. I repaired a lot of GEC products both privately and working for Curry’s.
    The circuits boards were of an early type of double sided print, which, especially when well used or had burned or overheated components could be challenging and required a lot of rework, joining tracks with wire and repositioning components. The C2110 solid state chassis were very prone to destroying BU208 line output transistors due to the rubbish flyback tuning capacitor GEC used. I fitted a different type I think from a Philips G8 which was much more reliable.
    However they were still happy days.


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