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In the Leeds area many TV Engineers were also Radio Hams and we had a regular channel for natter called “Channel X” where we could come and go without signing on or off. There was a large TV shop “Morley bottoms” which due to the location (there’s a clue in the name) had huge masts with aerials and presumably some half decent amplifiers too.

It became common knowledge on Channel X that transmitting on 2Mtrs whilst waiting at the traffic lights outside the shop would completely trash all his pictures, not that we ever did of course. He eventually realised what was going on and would charge out shaking his fists.

One thought on “Ham Radio Fun

  1. I used to run a 150W HF SSB transceiver in the car and remember sitting at traffic lights outside a TV shop where fans were standing around watching the cup final. A quick blast of square-wave test-tone soon put and end to that! 😉 I tried it on a metal detectorist once too who was walking up and down a large grass verge beside the road. He kept going back to the same spot every time I pressed the key. He eventually threw his headphones off in disgust! Had fun driving around in underground car-parks and lighting up all the florescent lights as I passed underneath. Happy days.

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