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Another catalogue for the website, published in the “Media” section under Various 60s & 70s catalogues”.

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Back to Heathkit …

As I’m sure readers of this site are aware, Heathkit was the brand name of kits and other electronic products produced and marketed by the company from 1947 until 1992. Their products over the decades included electronic test equipment, hi-fi home audio equipment, television receivers, amateur radio equipment and other electronic modules. All were sold for assembly by the purchaser, though many could be bought at an extra premium, fully built.

Finding Heathkit  equipment on e-bay or boot-fairs all these years later will reveal various levels of competence of assembly, some will be good some will be.. well not so good. I’ve not had much pass through my hands, a Valve voltmeter V-7au and a Bridge IT-28. I’ve been looking for an IM-13u and also an IM-30U, no luck thus far but you never know.

Without further ado, grab a coffee, settle down and peruse the 1966 Heathkit catalogue.

1 thought on “Heathkit : Home Constructor

  1. I’ve got another three catalogues to scan taking us into late 1971, some really great period kits.

    Just to keep promoting and making sure folk fully understand whats going on. This comment/post of mine that you’re reading now, was made on the original website article via the comment box found at the foot of every article. By the means of modern hocus-pocus, it gets duplicated as a post in the forum linked thread. As previously mentioned this affords guests the opportunity to partake in forum discussions with members, but only the threads that appear in the blog linked forum section.

    I’ll stop boring you all about it soon but it helps to inform so that members and guests alike are aware.

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