Improve Television Reception

A brochure produced by the Department of Trade and Industry, in partnership with Thorn EMI Ferguson Ltd and Radio Rentals Ltd.

The aim was to help householders and the TV trade identify and resolve reception issues.


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5 years ago

A real relic of the analogue age!
Very interesting document. Much of the aerial wiring techniques apply to modern digital broadcasts, too. One thing though I’m sure most of you are aware of is the complete non-reception of Freeview on an indoor aerial. I live almost in sight of our local transmitter, but found that a digibox in an upstairs room wouldn’t pick up any channels even using an amplified “digital ready” set top aerial. I think for a lot of people the analogue switch-off has been a pain in the proverbial -you can’t just move your portable tv to where you want to watch it without having to hook it up to a digibox and a massive Yagi aerial. Particularly annoying for campers and caravanners, many of whom have abandoned aerial reception for a portable satellite receiver, or wi-fi.
Thankfully with modern wi-fi devices hooked up to my old Philips BM7502 I can watch IPTV anywhere within the confines of my wi-fi hotspot. Many campgrounds have installed wi-fi to allow this usage although I suspect that if you have a lot of people accessing the network through Rokus, phones, tablets, etc the signal may be subject to buffering stoppages.

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