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Whether you worked in the trade at the receiver or broadcast end, an enthusiast, amateur hobbyist or researcher, all are welcome to join. Before doing so we request you please read the following information and especially the link to the rules.

Mandatory Compliance

Due to problems with a minority of folk on our old forum, we have found it necessary to now introduce member vetting. Before completing the access request form below, you are required to read the forum rules here. If you cannot agree to comply with them, we respectfully suggest you find another forum to join. Joining Radios-tv you are accepting the conditions as described in the aforementioned rule-set. A number of people have recently joined clearly having not read the rules, their sole intention being access to data. If you are joining just for data your account may be terminated. It is suggested you read the rules and those seeking data particular attention to rule No 6.


You do not need to join if you all you wish to do is leave a comment on an article. Anyone viewing as a guest can leave a comment by simply using the comment form at the foot of each page.

However If you wish to join the Radios-TV club to post in the small forum, you need to fill out the request form below. All fields are mandatory and you must provide valid information in all. The more information you provide in the final box, the greater it will help your application. Failure to provide valid information may result in your application being rejected.

Once you hit the submit button your request will be queued for consideration. If your application to join Radios-TV is approved, you will receive an e-mail with your account details. If you are not successful, you will not and no explanation given. This site is privately owned and no individual has an automatic right to use the site.

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