Login Registration & Password Advice

Have You Done The Checks?

If you’re experiencing problems with logging into the site, then you should follow all the advice in the following article. 

  1. First, check to see if you have an active account at Radios-TV Vrat. Click on the “check account” button. A member’s page will load. Use the search box to enter what you believe your username to be. If not sure, try combinations remembering the 1st three characters, example Fredbloggs, you could just search fre.
    Check Active Accounts
  2. If  your account is not listed, it might mean your account has just been deactivated. In which case it won’t appear. You now need to check the deactivated list.
    Check Deactivated Accounts

If it’s not listed in either of the above, it means YOU DO NOT have an account here, so will need to register.

For anything else, please read the guidelines below. If in any doubt, contact us and ask.
Contact Admin

Problems logging in, first things first

The main causes of trouble for a person logging in to the site are, misspelling their username, forgetting their password or frequently both! Another is resetting their password and then again making a mistake with it.

Closely followed in third place believe it or not, as I indicated above, the person not actually having an account here at all !!!!

Rather than repeatedly banging away getting the login details wrong, assuming it must be this “god awful website” and in the process getting repeatedly blocked by the firewall, consider the following, It might just be you!

  • Are you sure you have an account? Don’t assume as stated above do the checks! 
  • Have you checked that you are typing in your username correctly? Yes, usernames are case-sensitive!  If you registered as FredBloggs there’s no point trying to log in as fredbloggs or inserting non-existent spaces, Fred Bloggs. If you are unsure of what your username is, again I repeat.. check! 
  • Having confirmed you have an account and your username, if you’re still having trouble, it’s highly probable you have forgotten or are mistyping your password. In which case please, please use the reset password option on the login page rather than repeatedly guessing.
  • Note: resetting your password will only work if you have bothered to keep your e-mail address updated on your account here. This is another problem, folk just get lazy and don’t bother. Failure to have done so will mean the reset system will be communicating with your old address, how can it send you a reset link to a non-existent e-mail you failed to provide.
  • If after all this you are still having trouble then use the contact form.

Final Note:
If you were a member of the old VRAT V1.0 forum and are returning for the first time after many, many years of absence, It’s highly probable your account is just deactivated. If you want to become active just use the contact bubble up top and I’ll be happy to reactivate you.

Advice: Login, Registration & Passwords

Below you will find detailed information to assist you in the processes for registration, login and password resetting. All clearly laid out in logical steps. Please take the time to read them if you are having trouble with any or all.

1. Login

Note 1: This assumes you have an account.  Believe it or not, I’ve had folk complain they cannot log in, only to find they’ve never registered in the first place. They mistakenly believed they did have an account, or their account was removed long ago due to in activity for a number of years and made little or no posts. If you are unsure that you have an account, please check the members list, you can search it and with just part of the username if you’re unsure of the exact name. For example, your account might have been “Dropper50K” but cannot remember, just that it was drop something. Well, just type in drop or dro in the members list search box, it will pattern match for you.  If you are not sure of your password, follow the procedures detailed later in this article.

Note 2: All members of Vrat 1 that had an account with posts at the time of its closure will find their accounts now active here and are welcome. However, returning Vrat members should be aware that their migrated account passwords will need resetting. To reset your password, see section 3 below.

  1. When you arrive at Radios-TV/VRAT you will clearly see the option to login, click on it.
  2. Type in your username or e-mail
  3. Type in your password, be certain it is correct with any special characters that you include.
  4. Click “login”, you will now be logged in

The firewall monitors visitor interaction and will inform you of any transgression you are committing before you are temporarily blocked from accessing the entire site. It is time dependant, so stop whatever it is you’re doing to cause the transgression. Take the opportunity to use the contact form and ask for assistance. Alternatively wait 6-7 mins, use that time to ask yourself what you might be doing wrong, in 9 out of 10 cases it is user error. It’s quite amazing, in the password scenario I will set it manually, and they log in fine, nothing wrong with the account everything wrong with them recalling their password.

2. Register

This is a privately funded and operated group, there is no guaranteed right of access. 


3. Reset password when it’s forgotten.

Scenarios: you’re not logged in, you’ve forgotten your password, or you’re an old Vratter returning from a long absence. Either way, this is how to change your password. Be patient, wait for the e-mails and follow the instructions to the letter.

  1. When you arrive at Radios-TV/VRAT you will clearly see the login/register boxes. Beneath there is a “Forgot your password” link, click on it
  2. You will now be on a page asking you to enter the username or e-mail for your account, type it in, then click “Reset Password”.
  3. You will see a message stating the message has been sent to your email address.
  4. Follow the link in that e-mail. You will be taken to a page to type in a new password. Once done, it will state you have successfully changed your password and you will be able to now log in.

Note on not receiving e-mails:

If you do not receive e-mails it could be for a couple of reasons.

  • It is worth checking your spam folder as it may have been placed in there. Its also worth adding the Radios-TV domain as a trusted source to ensure you get deliveries.
  • It could be your that your e-mail address held here is incorrect, accidentally mis-typed or has been corrupted and therefore e-mails are going astray.
  • If in doubt use the contact form. Explain your problem, provide your username and the e-mail that you believe should be associated with your account, I can then do the necessary checks and get back to you.

3.a I’m Logged in OK, can I change password while logged in.

Answer? Yes.

  1. Click on your account icon via your control panel. From there you can change your password.


If by any chance you make a mistake, fall foul of the server’s firewall and find yourself blocked, be patient, it will reset after 5 mins, you can then use the contact form to seek assistance.

If you’ve made it this far then well done, most folk are inherently lazy and fail to read advice, preferring to be spoon-fed.