Martini Adverts

‘The Right one’


With the subject matter of this site being early British Colour television, I can’t help but also look back with fondness at the adverts of the 1970’s. Colourful, tuneful and what’s more memorable, something very much lacking in the adverts of today.

The Martini adverts always spring to my mind, along with Cinzano, Nimble bread, Old spice and Milk Tray. Its very warming to see the Milk Tray man has made a return to our screens recently.

I will be posting various period adverts in attempt to recapture the nostalgia of those days. For now lets transport ourselves back to the 70’s and some of those iconic Martini adverts. Have to say I always have a bottle or two ready for Christmas, it just wouldn’t be the same with out it and the Quality street

For now sit back and be transported back to those days …






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