Member File Upload

This service enables members to donate documents or images for inclusion on the Radios-TV site. By using this service you agree to abide by the terms laid out below.

Documents & Image Criteria :-
  • Scans should be 300 d.p.i. Set your scan area avoid including unnecessary white area
  • Do a dummy run to see that it is both readable and presentable
  • Scans should be centered as best you can, try to avoid skewed to the left or right
  • Where possible frayed document edges on scans should be brushed out or cut from view
  • Remember check you are happy with the quality of your scans before uploading
  • Images should be saved as .PNG not JPEG or GIF
  • Document scans should be PDF not .Doc etc
  • Unlimited file size upload but be sensible.
  • Within reason upload all file types, though see preferences above
  • Ability to do multiple file uploads via explorer interface or just drag and drop
  • Upload progress indicator bar
  • Ability to cancel a file from the assembled upload list
  • After successful upload, the system e-mails the member and admin.
  • Folder list viewer shows your current uploads (you only see yours)

User Service Agreement

  • This service is restricted to members only and only to be used with prior approval of the admin.
  • Uploads are monitored and automatically reported to the admin by e-mail what was uploaded and by whom.
  • No documents should be uploaded that are marked as the property of another site or person.
  • Anything found uploaded without prior approval will be immediately removed
  • All files once gathered by the admin, will be removed from the temporary file transit location. Therefore they will no longer appear in your uploaded file list.
  • By uploading your scans you are relinquishing ownership/copyright, the documents become the property of Radios-TV.
  • Inappropriate uploads may result in a members suspension from this service.

Note: Uploaded files are held in quarantine for checking prior to relocation into the actual library