Mind that!

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While being apprentice trained I often went out with the other engineers learning the ‘ropes’ as was the norm. Geoffs favourite saying was ‘Mind that!’, usually a few seconds AFTER you’d tripped over something or banged yer head, whatever.

One day near Morley  we were both working on a B/W TV with a full vertical chassis, probably a Thorn 1400 or 1500, Geoff was chasing round some missing voltages with the meter, while describing the process. Somewhere around the very top of the PCB, the meter probe slipped and there was an almighty flash, two momentary engineer shadows appeared on the wall, and a concerned customer was asking if we were OK. Once we could actually see again through the bright spots, we were greeted by one meter probe now shorter than the other, a couple of blackened fingers, a fuse consisting of two end caps and nothing else, and acres of missing print.

Having finally regained my own senses I said……….

One thought on “Mind that!

  1. Funnily enough, this reminds me of a tale involving one of those Sony TVs with the chassis at half-mains potential. A series of errors culminated in an earthed soldering iron coming into contact with the (powered) chassis, with predictable consequences.

    Not long after, the owner popped his head around the door and asked “Is it finished?” to which came the answer “In a manner of speaking, yes…”

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