By Member Joe Mitchell

When I worked for Radio Rentals sometimes after work we would visit a local pub for a ‘quick one’ before going home.

It was the early days of remote control and this pub had an early Baird remote TV. We would take a handset and hide it under the table. Sometimes other customers would be viewing something interesting and we would change channel or mute the sound (only functions of these 2 button RCUs). The reaction was sometimes amusing, the language and expletives choice. Probably puerile but I suppose we were more easily amused then.

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4 years ago

I had a friend who worked for DER who used to pull similar stunts in any pub where there was a TV compatible with one he had a remote control for. There were quite a high number of Fergusons owned or rented by publicans in those days, and my friend was an installer so frequently had a remote control around, especially for many of the TX sets.

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