Monochrome TV’s I used to own

Before moving over completely to colour TV, I used to have a fairly large collection of B&W sets. These consisted of single standard 405 but also a fair few dual standard 405/625 covering the period of 1949 – 1973. The old website used to feature all these sets but since the revamp and refocus they were removed. I’ve been asked if it were possible to put an album collection together so members could wander through them all once again. As a result here we have them all in one vintage B&W album.

I’ve actually kept a couple of the old B&W sets which are special to me but have included them here for completeness.

Old TV Stock Room

collect-1 collect-2 collect-3 collect-4collect-5

Meet The Sets

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Paul Remfry
Paul Remfry
6 years ago

I once had a KB D/s set, like the one you have above, but this one had an all black front and when you turned it on the lights came up and illuminated all the controls and the channels! Wish I’d have photoed it now, but you don’t think about the future then!

Nuvistor (@nuvistor)
2 years ago

Picture 12 the Ekco TC435, I had a TC433 a 19 inch with the later version of the Pye 11U chassis as our TV home set in the early 1970’s. It was a chassis I liked, easy to repair, mainly stock faults that once sorted made a reliable TV. Worked well on 405 and 625 but with a valve UHF tuner did require a good signal but that was so for other sets with the same type of tuner.

It did good service until we had the money for a colour set.

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