Mullard HSVT Card Project

Stan (Electrical) a member of this community, embarked upon an mammoth project, one to fully document the Mullard High Speed valve testers. This not only to include all the cards but provide templates to reproduce them.  Stan alone has completed all this and more All the data now resides in the Data Library along with Mullard Valve tester manuals, schematics and lots of other Mullard related data.


Stan’s project followed this brief :-

  • Catalogue all known Mullard High Speed Valve Tester Cards.
  • Provide a comprehensive manual of data to enable the cards to be accurately replicated.
  • Design, build and fabricate a jig to enable blanks cards to be punched.
  • Provide full design drawings to build the jig
  • Provide documentation to fabricate replacement cards


Stan is also working on a fully automated Mullard tester that will be modified. It will use many relays allowing the operator to enter in the card data without the need for cards. A truly remarkable concept and perhaps had the world of valve technology continued, a development Mullard may well have attempted themselves. Finally a big thank you to Stan for making all this available to Radios-TV a remarkable effort !

2 thoughts on “Mullard HSVT Card Project

  1. I am looking to test 6CY7 valves which requires 1133A and B cards are you able to supply the punch hole pattern?

    I thank you in anticipation

  2. Hi Hugh,

    The project when completed, found that a number of cards are missing or were never produced. Thankfully the number of missing is small. The missing cards were also checked and verified with many other folks collections and from this established it was not just us, all had the same problem. Unfortunately 1133A/B is one of the missing cards.

    Sorry to not be of any further help

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