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About 1971, just before I left the trade, I was working for a well respected TV/HiFi shop in Glasgow (I did HiFi and hadn’t touched a TV in years). About mid afternoon the TV service manager entered the workshop and asked my boss if I could assist the TV Dept. All I had to do was go to a customer in a posh north west suburb of Glasgow and uplift a TV after shaking my head and telling the customer that it was a ”workshop job”.

Anyway I arrived at said customers house in the bosses 1970 Morris Minor estate (wood and all !) and turned on the telly. It was a B&O that I had never seen before. First thing, sound came on at full volume, I looked at the front of the set for the vol control. All I saw was a flat panel covered with push buttons, none of which had anything like a vol symbol on. Unfortunately the lady of the house was watching my antics as I struggled with this beautiful but unknown telly. She eventually came over and pressed a part of the front and a small drawer (probably damped!) slid out revealing a vol control. Being an Honest guy, I admitted the ruse, or couldn’t think of an excuse quick enough!. She did see the funny side of it but I didn’t get the customary cup of coffee!.

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