On The Benches

Welcome to “On The Benches

A new section at Radios-tv where you will be able to follow the blow by blow account of a repair. Unlike the collection blogs, rather than reading a report after the repair has been made, you can follow and contribute as it happens. Offer thoughts, discuss the faults as they occur as if over the shoulder right in the workshop. Sometimes it will be a complete set on the main bench, other times it might be a board repair on the PCB bench. Hopefully something to keep the boredom away from the winter evenings.

PCB Repair Bench

Main TV Repair Bench

New for 2017, this section will announce in advance a forthcoming repair. The day, time and set or board will be given thus allowing enough notice. Circuits will be shared and when the repair is underway comments will be monitored and answered in real-time. There will also ne pick of the month where followers can vote for the set or board repair from a list of candidates.

Radio-tv registered members can use the live chat, non members can use the comment form at the foot of the page.

On The Benches Live Participation chat

Coming Soon………………. Watch this space for a TV or PCB?

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