The G8


There were a vast number of G8’s that were made over its seven year period, this article try’s to bring you as many as I could find. There are some black and white photos included from supplements found in a G8 service manual, this helps to demonstrate the variety of TVs produced with this chassis.

As mentioned above, Its not surprising there were so many, the G8 replaced the G6 and was manufactured between 1970 and 1977, which is quite a considerable run. I’ve been trying to add a G8 to the collection, it took a few years but one has finally been sourced see here.









g8-2 g8-3 g8-4 g8-5 g8-6 g8-7 g8-8 g8-9 g8-10 g8-11 g8-12 g8-13 g8-14 g8-15 g8-16 g8-17 g8-18 g8-19 g8-20 g8-21 g8-22 g8-23



If you have any thoughts experiences or memories you would like to share regarding this range of sets, or the G8 chassis in general then please leave a comment below.

3 thoughts on “The G8

  1. I enjoyed servicing the G8, especially after the G6. Worked for CES (Combined Electronic Services), part of the Philips group.
    Did not enjoy the many shocks of discharging the CRT and many of the large capacitors through me though!

  2. I worked for Visionhire from 1976 till 1984 in North London, I liked the G8 chassis it was reward the effort once setup properly which is more than can be said for some manufacturers products!!

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