Philips VP831 LaserDisc

Yet another early laserdisc player for the collection this time a VP831 from about 1980/81. Yet again another that fails to work. It spins up, the laser lights and bops up and down attempting to align itself. Sadly that’s all it does all the time, pretty much the identical fault to the Pioneer LD1100.

I will have a look but I don;t hold out much hope as I’ve failed to repair/ get working the other laserdisc players in my collection. The closest one I got working was the Philips VLP600 but that just runs playing through the disc at a break neck speed.

I think If I can’t get this working, I’m calling it quits on laserdisc players as the are a complete nightmare.

Philips VP831 LaserDisc 1 Philips VP831 LaserDisc 2 Philips VP831 LaserDisc 3 Philips VP831 LaserDisc 4



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