Philips VR2022 : Video 2000

At the time of its launch Video 2000 offered several innovative features unmatched by the competing formats VHS and Betamax:

  • Only half of the magnetic tape is scanned by a helical scanner during each side pass. The cassette can then be flipped over to use the other half of the tape, thus doubling playing time.
  • The tape is totally enclosed when not in use. Unlike competing formats that have spaces in the cassette for the tape loading mechanism to be inserted, thus exposing the delicate magnetic tape surface, VCCs had a retractable sheath that covers such space. The sheath is retracted as a tape is inserted into the machine and only then can the tape cover be raised to fully expose the tape.
  • Because of its Dynamic Track Following (DTF) technology (involving an advanced, movable video head tip), by design V2000 does not require a video tracking control (however, Grundig’s model 1600 lacked DTF).
  • All V2000 VCRs sport an auto-rewind function (later matched by VHS and Betamax)
  • Dynamic Noise Suppression to reduce tape hiss on the audio track.
  • Provision of a data track alongside the video track
  • channel selection and timer programming are undertaken by a 0-9 numeric keypad

Thanks to DTF, V2000 is able to play both fields of the image in still frame mode, providing full vertical resolution whereas VHS and Betamax could only reproduce one field, giving only half of the normal vertical resolution. A real advantage of DTF on all but the very first V2000 models is the ability to provide picture search without noise bars across the screen, a feature domestic VHS or Betamax machines were only ever able to approach by introducing complex multi-head drums.

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I was fortunate to obtain recently this Philips VR2022, what a large beast and very heavy too. Bought from the original owner which included 24 VCC 2000 tapes packed with period programmes and adverts. It also came with the instructional tape and the user manuals.

It works very well, giving a very good picture and the quality after all these years ( 36) was surprising. Thankfully no gooey bety syndrome here as the VR2022 employs direct drive. Nice to have a working VCR to complement the old CTV collection and a bunch of period tapes too.

Some shots of the unit, further internals to follow.vr2022-01 vr2022-02 vr2022-03

1 thought on “Philips VR2022 : Video 2000

  1. You’re just short of a Sony video camera CCDV100-E
    Had the 2022, still got the 2023 and still got the Realistic small TV which can under-scan vertically but not horizontally.

    Got the battery box for the TV filled with emergency lighting double D Ni-Cd cells because they were the high capacity variety.
    Don’t leave that cassette tape on that corner of the VCR you’ll cook it as it’s just above the PSU!

    You might like to track down a remote control for the VCR but you’ll need the receiving ‘eye’ as well.

    The other ‘new’ feature these brought to VCRs was the ‘goto’ feature to fast wind or rewind to any tape counter value. Also, unlike the other systems of the day, fast wind and rewind were done without the tape being round the heads – reducing head wear, increasing tape transport speed.

    Also, ‘direct control’ function, you press the button of the action you want without needing to press any other button first. E.g. from power off to play just by pressing the play button. This is totally true of the 2023 but the 2022 offers three buttons with dual function: rewind, stop and fast forward – which, while playing offered reverse play (5x?) pause and forward play (7x?).

    Great to hear after all this time the VCR works well.

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