A wonderfully vibrant and evocative brochure from the mid 1960’s detailing a 23″ B&W offering from PYE, the model 4311.Pye4311-1 Pye4311-2


4 thoughts on “PYE B&W TV’s

  1. I noticed that the tuning is only from channel 2-11. There is no mention of 405/625 selection either.

    Is it for Eire or the continent I wonder. The year is another question indeed, I will say 1963.

    • I reckon this set was made for the Gibraltar/Maltese market as the leaflet is written in English. The channel allocations are E2 to E11 and both Gibraltar and Malta as did the majority of the countries of western Europe used this system. The sound carrier was 5.5 MHz above the vision carrier ( System B ). The Republic of Ireland ( Eire ) used system I at VHF ( Sound carrier was 6 MHz above the vision carrier ) and their channel allocation was A to I. I would not be surprised if PYE didn’t export a VHF system I version of this set for the Irish Market.

  2. PYE marketed Television and Radio receivers in New Zealand and used the 625 line VHF system B transmission standard.There is a possibillity that this television was sold in New Zealand too.

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