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  1. Did you ever come across Roly Brown , he was shop Manager from the Early 60s Croydon, Then Reigate, I last met him in the Ramsgate Kent Branch mid 90s. Really Great Guy.

  2. It’s interesting to note how the brands market their technical know how.

    Radio Rentals make their own.
    Pye make the transmitters
    RBM heavily involved with the BBC in design.

    I am sure other makes did the same.

    All true, they were just highlighting the items that they think will persuade the buyer, nothing wrong with that, I just find it interesting.

    Can’t help with the Croydon Branch but I did know a couple of engineers in the Wigan area, long since lost touch and forgotten their names.

    • 22″ Dual standards are super rare and as far as I knew only 5 manufacturers bothered making them, this was a very short period of production.
      They were as follows :-

      Bush CTV174D
      Decca CTV22C
      Murphy CV2210D
      Philips G22K503
      Stella ST2211

      The Baird 711 mentioned in the rental range above is unknown to me. I’ve never seen one, nor brochure or service data nor anyone else mentioned one for that matter. Was it a variant of the 700 series? Your guess is as good as mine. I guess we’ll never know unless someone in the trade at the time can enlighten us.

  3. Would like to resurrect contact with former colleagues from Multibroadcast and Radio Rentals from Burton upon Trent and Leicester area.
    Rex Smith

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