Radios-TV Collection


Hi, welcome to my private collection of early vintage colour televisions, have a browse, discover a range of vintage 20th Century British colour television sets. An on-line telly museum, the collection spans a little over 10 years of colour TV development, what a contrast ( excuse the pun) of sets. This period could be considered the Hey-Day of  colour CRT TV technology.  The TV’s all arrive non working and you can follow their subsequent repair here.

The year category 1967-1968, displays some of the sets you could have rented or purchased in the first year of colour being launched in the UK and these sets are prefixed with a star.

Hover your mouse above to find a set from a particular year, see if you remember any. Reminisce when sets were powered by valves from the giants Mullard & Mazda and brands such as PYE, Murphy, Decca, HMV, GEC Bush and many others were household names, all now sadly gone but not forgotten.

Also included are a few black & white TV’s I kept.

Some of the chassis’ covered in the collection

  • Baird 700, 710 series
  • Philips G6, G8, G11
  • BRC/Thorn 2000, 3000, 3500, 8500, 8800 9000, 9905,9600
  • RBM A823, Z718
  • GEC 2110 chassis
  • Telefunken 712
  • Redifussion MK.I
  • PYE 697, 721
  • Decca – Battersea, Bradford