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YearManufacturerModelChassisRepair Blog
1967 – 1969
1967BairdM702W (Hybrid D/S)700 seriesRead Blog
1967DeccaCTV 25 BatterseaRead Blog
1967PhilipsG25K502G6Read Blog
1967Ferguson (ser No. 1814)3700Thorn 2000Read Blog
1967Ferguson (ser No. 1816)3700 (D/S)Thorn 2000Read Blog
1968BairdM718 (Hybrid D/S)710Read Blog
1968DeccaCTV 22C (Hybrid D/S)BatterseaRead Blog
1968HMV2700Thorn 2000Read Blog
1968HMV2701 (D/S)Thorn 2000Read Blog
1969Baird8724Thorn 3000Read Blog
1969BushCTV187CSA823Read Blog
1969Philips NEW!G22K511G6Read Blog
YearManufacturerModelChassisRepair Blog
1970 – 1972
1970Ferguson3703Thorn 3000Read Blog
1970HMV2703Thorn 3000Read Blog
1970Tandberg (continental) NEW!CTV1-90 (Hybrid)?????Read Blog
1971Beovision (continental)3618 (Hybrid)3200Read Blog
1971BushCTV1120A823ARead Blog
1971Ferguson3710Thorn 3500Read Blog
1971Ferguson3712Thorn 8000Read Blog
1971Ferguson3713Thorn 8500Read Blog
1971HitachiCSP 680Read Blog
1972Baird8749Thorn 3500Read Blog
1972GEC21122110Read Blog
197xTandberg (continental) NEW!CTV2 4-125????Read Blog
YearManufacturerModelChassisRepair Blog
1973 – 1975
1973DeccaCS1830/B (Hybrid)BradfordRead Blog
1973RediffusionCU2213MK.IRead Blog
1973Autovox (continental) NEW!2682?Read Blog
1973Körting (continental) NEW!Telesure 54673 (Hybrid)xxxx HybridRead Blog
1973Grundig NEW!5011 Super-Color???Read Blog
1973Telefunken (continental) NEW!PalColour 743 GB711Read Blog
1974PhilipsG26K526/05G8Read Blog
1974Ultra6714Thorn 3500Read Blog
1975HMV2725Thorn 8800Read Blog
1975PYE NEW!CT-219 “Chelsea”717Read Blog
1975Multibroadcast773Thorn 9000Read Blog
1975SABA (continental)T4610Z718Read Blog
YearManufacturerModelChassisRepair Blog
1976 – 1978
1976/77BushBC6738A ‘Arena’T20ARead Blog
1976RediffusionCH2213MK.IRead Blog
1977Ferguson3734Thorn 9600Read Blog
1977AphelionAphelionTelefunken 712Read Blog
1977Beovision (continental)35293300Read Blog
1978Beovision (continental)35383300Read Blog
1978Ferguson3749Thorn 9800Read Blog
1978Grundig (continental)4415GSC 100Read Blog
1978Roberts262/TG11Read Blog
1978TeletonCPL 142Read Blog
YearManufacturerModelChassisRepair Blog
1979 – 1982
1979D|E|R551Thorn 9905Read Blog
1980Ferguson3852 (B&W)Thorn 1600Read Blog
1980PYE56KS1060/05TK30Read Blog
1980/81Salora  (continental) NEW!1F4KRead Blog
1982Ferguson37100TX9Read Blog
1982Ferguson3788TX10Read Blog
1982Ferguson37063TX10Read Blog
1982MultiBroadcastT6083 Rental (37063)TX10Read Blog
1982Rediffusion564075MK.4Read Blog
YearManufacturerModelOld Black & Whites
1963BushTV125CURead Blog
1973GEC2114 Junior Fine Line

VCR Collection & Repair Blogs

Crustys TV & VCR Collection 2

Back in the 70’s there was a revolution going on in the living room not only with the advances in Colour television technology but also with the introduction of Ceefax ( Teletext) and the video recorder.

VCR repair is not something I’ve dabbled with before but having recently found myself acquiring a number of recorders, Its an area I’m venturing into as they will be a great compliment to my early colour TV’s above. I’ve managed to acquire a couple of N1500’s N1700’s, some early VHS and a nice example of a Betamax.

Below you can see what’s in the collection and follow the repair blogs as I attempt to bring them all back to health. I’ve also documented some of the repairs on our YouTube channel.


YearManufacturerModelChassisRepair BlogSystem
1972 – 1982
1972PhilipsN1500 (player No.1)n/aRead BlogVCR
1974PhilipsN1500 (player No.2)n/aRead BlogVCR
1974PhilipsN1500 (player No.3)n/aRead BlogVCR
1977PhilipsN1700n/aRead BlogVCR
1978PhilipsN1702n/ablog comingVCR
1978Ferguson3292n/ablog comingVHS
1979Ferguson Deluxe3V16n/aRead BlogVHS
1980PhilipsVR2022n/aRead BlogV2000
1981Ferguson3V29n/aRead BlogVHS
1981HitachiVT8500n/ablog comingVHS
1981SharpVC2300Hn/aRead Blog
1982Ferguson3V44n/aRead BlogVHS
1982SanyoVTC-5000n/aRead BlogBetamax

Video Disc Players

Crustys TV & VCR Collection 3

YearManufacturerModelChassisRepair BlogSystem
1980 – 1983
1982HitachiVIP201Pn/aRead BlogCED (PAL)
1982HitachiVIP201P (2nd)n/anot yetCED (PAL)
1982HitachiVIP202Pn/aRead BlogCED (PAL)
1982PhilipsVLP600n/aRead BlogLaserVision (PAL)
1982PhilipsVLP700n/aRead BlogLaserVision (PAL)
1982PioneerLD1100n/aRead BlogLaserDisc (PAL)
1981/82PhilipsVP831n/aRead BlogLaserDisc(PAL)

My other related repairs

YearManufacturerModelChassisRepair BlogSystem
1970 – 1980
1970GoodmansStereo Maxn/aRead BlogTuner & Amp
1973Ferguson3440n/aRead Blog8-Track
1976HackerHCD-1000n/aRead BlogCassette


Crustys TV & VCR Collection 4

Vintage PCB Repairs

Back in the hey day of TV repair, while most folk were looking for their new TV, in the back room busy engineers were fixing yesterdays failed boards returned by the field engineers. This is another area I enjoy PCB board refurbishment, especially important now as you can no longer ring up a supplier or scan through ‘Television’s ‘ classifieds and order up a replacement. Nowadays its very important to find, fix and reuse anything you can find as spare parts are starting to become in short supply. Most boards even broken ones can be repaired, I recently had a very badly damaged Ferguson 3712 on the bench. Its CRT PCB would by most folk be considered beyond repair, with no replacement it was necessary to effect a repair otherwise the set would be a non starter.


Crustys TV & VCR Collection 5

Crustys TV & VCR Collection 6Vintage Ceefax (Teletext Decoder) Repairs

As mentioned above in the 70’s there was a revolution going on in the living room the introduction of Ceefax ( Teletext) being a very significant one. Announced in October 1972 and following test transmissions in 1972–74, the Ceefax system went live on 23 September 1974 with thirty pages of information.


Crustys TV & VCR Collection 7

Developed by BBC engineers who were working on ways of providing televisual subtitles for the deaf, it was the first teletext system in the world.These set top decoders are very thin on the ground but I have a couple of example one is working the other requiring repair.

  • Radofin decoder information to be added
  • Labgear decoder information to be added
  • Tifax data in site library



Crustys TV & VCR Collection 8 Crustys TV & VCR Collection 9

More info on Teletext and Decoders see link below

Ceefax (Teletext)

Crustys TV & VCR Collection 10

Black & White TV’s

Before I moved over the colour TV repair I used collect and repair black and white televisions. I amassed quite a collection varying from 1948 up to around 1968. From 9″ screens to 23″ covering 405 single standard all the way to dual standard and 625 single standard. I have disposed of most, just three now remain in the collection, A TV22, TV125U and a Murphy V230.