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  1. Jayceebee

    I was involved in a modification on early versions which suffered from what looked like very weak type of co-channel…

  2. syncpulse
  3. slidertogrid
  4. slidertogrid
  5. slidertogrid
  6. Recent Blog Comments 2

    I worked at the eastcote shop when your dad ray was in charge there also moved to hanwell.knew him well.trying…

  7. Recent Blog Comments 3

    we had the T705. We rented from DER so we had all the latest stuff! I remember holding it to…

  8. slidertogrid
  9. slidertogrid
  10. Recent Blog Comments 4

    Hi Eve, I worked for a short time in early seventies with British Relay and was wondering if they had…

  11. Recent Blog Comments 4

    Hi Michael, I worked for a short time in early seventies with British Relay and was wondering if they had…

  12. Recent Blog Comments 4

    Were you employed by British Relay and did they have a Pension Scheme?

  13. crustytv

    Hi Mike, the chances of finding stock replacements are nigh on zero. Perhaps someone who is scrapping failed 3T22, but…

  14. Recent Blog Comments 7

    I have a working 3t22 but two of the silver cassette A and B switchs are missing, any spare ones…

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  16. Recent Blog Comments 9

    Hello Frank from Holland here. I love connoisseur turntables. I’m trying to get parts for my classic, motor suspension and…

  17. Recent Blog Comments 10

    An Aunt and Uncle living in Co Mayo Ireland had the Bush version of the Murphy V1914 Television. It was…

  18. Recent Blog Comments 11

    @Bob Glen (I had wanted to post these lines for more than a year, don’t know what held me up)…

  19. crustytv

    Sorry, there is little point in pursuing this. The thread in question is over 12-years old, with no further contributions…

  20. Recent Blog Comments 12

    I’d like to contact Katie Bush with regard to Technics ST-X990L-Problems But it is not possible to register an account…

  21. Recent Blog Comments 10

    I Bought the the GEC Starfinder 3 back in the spring of 1978 and kept till the late 90’s till…

  22. crustytv

    I’m only surprised by the fact that you “now know”. The decline, orchestrated by all our successive govs, started this…

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    Hi Carole, I worked with you back in the 1980’s at Visionhire Northfield, when I started Graham was the manager,…

  25. Recent Blog Comments 16

    It was that second picture that had me singing Dickie Davis Eyes by Half Man Half Biscuit to myself. The…

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  27. Recent Blog Comments 18

    Absolutely fantastic display of TV’s and the advertising to go with them. As mentioned by someone the warm smell of…

  28. Recent Blog Comments 8

    They were good tv sets

  29. mfd70

    Looking at the pictures on the TVs, I spotted Dickie Davies (world of sport), Cricket from Cardiff (BBC 1 I…

  30. AncientEngineer
  31. AncientEngineer
  32. Nuvistor

    We sold many music centres in the 1970’s, no GEC ones but their products would be competitive with other makes.…

  33. Captain Peacock
  34. sideband
  35. Captain Peacock
  36. Hurty
  37. sideband
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    I rented a 22″ 711 with staff discount, two months free rental for mum and dad at £6.50 per month.…

  40. Recent Blog Comments 21

    Hi Jane. Yes I remember you too, what a great company to work for. I really enjoyed the 11 years…

  41. Recent Blog Comments 21

    Sorry Andrew, I remember the name but I never worked at the same branch as your dad and didn’t know…

  42. Nuvistor

    Surprising what high voltages and heat can do to materials. Presume the plastic type was changed to a more stable…

  43. Jayceebee

    HI Freddo, ex DER here 1974 with a few company name changes with mergers until the end of Boxclever in…

  44. Recent Blog Comments 20

    Worked for DER from 1973 to 1985 having attended their Accelerated training course in Plumstead. Many stories to tell. We…

  45. Jayceebee
  46. Nuvistor

    We didn’t sell these sets, the picture couldn’t compete with the Japanese sets although the Hitachi and Toshiba cost more,…

  47. Nuvistor
  48. crustytv
  49. Jayceebee
  50. Jayceebee
  51. Nuvistor
  52. Nuvistor
  53. slidertogrid

    I still have the 8500 (Marconi) my parents bought new in I think 1973. We rented a Decca 2230 from…

  54. Hurty
  55. crustytv
  56. Hurty
  57. crustytv
  58. hamid_1
  59. Tazman1966

    I liked those gimmicky flappy tuner paddles to be honest. For its era, it made them look a bit more…

  60. Recent Blog Comments 10

    A family member Rented the Murphy V 2423 between 1974 to 1979 and although this set had the poor A774…

  61. slidertogrid

    I liked the G11, true early models suffered from a few problems some design some let down by poor components.…

  62. Recent Blog Comments 26

    My second favourite tv the first the G8

  63. crustytv
  64. WayneD
  65. Recent Blog Comments 27

    When I was at school in England in the late 1960s/early 1970s I was nuts about radio and got my…

  66. Stevesje71

    How’s it going Wayne? Hope all is well. It wasn’t my intention to fall out with you, hope to have…

  67. Recent Blog Comments 28

    Hi, The Philips machines are 2020 and 2022. Nothing later.The Grundig ones are some early ones a few later ones…

  68. crustytv
  69. Recent Blog Comments 28

    I have over 20 various machines so it would be quite an effort selling and packing for ebay. I would…

  70. Stevesje71

    Excellent memorabilia! I see a TX9 in brilliant white, wish mine was like that and not cream!

  71. crustytv
  72. Recent Blog Comments 28

    I have lots of v2000 machines Phillips 2022s and grundig various right up to the 2 speed one.I have a…

  73. Recent Blog Comments 31

    A bit late but my dad John Rice worked for Trafalgar tv back in the 50s 60s.

  74. WayneD

    I’d never seen that Kenny Everett ad before! I remember my Mother trading in a very old upright Hoover for…

  75. Recent Blog Comments 32

    Now then Graham longtime back enjoyed BR Special services what you up to now

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  77. neil1974

    I’ve got quite a few of the items mentioned in the autumn 69 price list.

  78. crustytv
  79. WayneD
  80. Jayceebee

    Forgot just how much was shoehorned in there. Pity there was no embedded music on this. The stripper would have…

  81. mfd70

    Yes, Mk5 badged Sharp, reliable but not particularly good picture as I remember.

  82. Michael Dranfield

    There was a redifusion portable, can’t remember the model without looking for the service manual, that was just a badged…

  83. WayneD

    That Scotch Videotape Skeleton looks a tad sinister there!

  84. Recent Blog Comments 10

    I bought a 22 inch Rediffusion TVRM Mark 4 Manual Colour Tv in the Summer of 1984 and was disappointed…

  85. sideband

    Well said Chris. You’ve done fantastically without any formal training. I was in the trade for 40 years and still…

  86. crustytv

    Hi Sterling P, Thank you for your very kind and considered correction and the heart-warming insult at the end of…

  87. Recent Blog Comments 35

    “It was used for all the signal processing components with the exception of the phase-detector transformer and contained within a 10 pin…

  88. WayneD

    I’ve been seeing more and more ICs fail on 70s colour sets, the increased risk of arcing and flashover on…

  89. crustytv
  90. slidertogrid
  91. crustytv
  92. WayneD
  93. Recent Blog Comments 36

    I like the new addition of the “Vintage television shop” a lot better with the photos to match the description…

  94. WayneD

    “Ease of servicing: Very accessible” Er…. for a Philips G6?!

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  96. Recent Blog Comments 20

    Crikey, that’s a bit of nostalgia which brings back memories: we also bought cheap from the chap just inside the…

  97. EmleyMoor
  98. Recent Blog Comments 39

    Hello, do you know where I can buy the Leak Point One stereo owner’s manual like the one shown here?…

  99. crustytv
  100. Recent Blog Comments 40

    Hi Interesting write up Chris. Obviously it works for you but unfortunately wouldn’t for me. I do more miles than…