Rediffusion In County Durham

I live just a few miles from where the Rediffusion factory used to be. Now sadly a Tesco superstore and retail park occupy the location.

The following photographs and accompanying text show the production of the Mark 3 receiver at the St Helens plant. Production started in February of 1977 and the following details the various activities associated with the manufacture including, cabinet manufacture, goods-inwards, inspection, coil winding, stores, boxing, chassis assembly and test, final test, soak customer acceptance and despatch. P.C.B. assembly and tests ( done at the Billingham plant).

Rediffusion In County Durham 1Rediffusion In County Durham 2 Rediffusion In County Durham 3 Rediffusion In County Durham 4 Rediffusion In County Durham 5 Rediffusion In County Durham 6 Rediffusion In County Durham 7

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Ian milburn
Ian milburn
2 years ago

Hi all can anyone Remember doing a sponsored walk up in Teasdale sometime in the 80s

Cheers Ian

Jane Muskett
Jane Muskett
11 months ago

With Syd Beddow near the old Rediffusion site reminiscing over old times when he used to work there. Syd is now 93 and I am his daughter.

Derek Abbott
Derek Abbott
Reply to  Jane Muskett
9 months ago

Hello Jane – I worked for Rediffusion Consumer Electronics in Design Engineering during the 70/80s and had great respect for Syd’s friendly, meticulous and highly efficient approach to Material Control. Please pass on my best regards. I remember giving his daughter a lift down to London on one occasion – was this you or a sister?

8 months ago

This brings back a host of memories. Although this particular edition of our in-house magazine was after I left Rediffusion, in 1977 I was then working for Top Rank TV. We had a reciprocal engineering arrangement with Rediffusion, so I still got to see a lot of RVS kit, both wired receivers, Aerial receivers & wired head -end equipment. I even got to make use of the facilities at Rediffusion Research, Coombe Lane, New Malden. That was an amazing place, almost like Bletchley Park!

I may have some more of these magazines around, although I can’t locate them at present.

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