Rediffusion In County Durham

I live just a few miles from where the Rediffusion factory used to be. Now sadly a Tesco superstore and retail park occupy the location.

The following photographs and accompanying text show the production of the Mark 3 receiver at the St Helens plant. Production started in February of 1977 and the following details the various activities associated with the manufacture including, cabinet manufacture, goods-inwards, inspection, coil winding, stores, boxing, chassis assembly and test, final test, soak customer acceptance and despatch. P.C.B. assembly and tests ( done at the Billingham plant).

Rediffusion In County Durham 1Rediffusion In County Durham 2 Rediffusion In County Durham 3 Rediffusion In County Durham 4 Rediffusion In County Durham 5 Rediffusion In County Durham 6 Rediffusion In County Durham 7

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Ian milburn
Ian milburn
1 year ago

Hi all can anyone Remember doing a sponsored walk up in Teasdale sometime in the 80s

Cheers Ian

Jane Muskett
Jane Muskett
6 months ago

With Syd Beddow near the old Rediffusion site reminiscing over old times when he used to work there. Syd is now 93 and I am his daughter.

Derek Abbott
Derek Abbott
Reply to  Jane Muskett
3 months ago

Hello Jane – I worked for Rediffusion Consumer Electronics in Design Engineering during the 70/80s and had great respect for Syd’s friendly, meticulous and highly efficient approach to Material Control. Please pass on my best regards. I remember giving his daughter a lift down to London on one occasion – was this you or a sister?

2 months ago

This brings back a host of memories. Although this particular edition of our in-house magazine was after I left Rediffusion, in 1977 I was then working for Top Rank TV. We had a reciprocal engineering arrangement with Rediffusion, so I still got to see a lot of RVS kit, both wired receivers, Aerial receivers & wired head -end equipment. I even got to make use of the facilities at Rediffusion Research, Coombe Lane, New Malden. That was an amazing place, almost like Bletchley Park!

I may have some more of these magazines around, although I can’t locate them at present.

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