Rediffusion Magazines Coming to the Library

Coming soon to the members library, a selection of Rediffusion company magazines. Covering the period of 1976 to 1984. These appear to have been produced three times a year in Jan, May and September. Lots of interesting facts, technical articles, sets, site articles with many excellent factory and workshop photos. Many profiles and interviews with staff making it a superb view back in time into this great organisation.

Thanks to Malc (ex Rediffusion) for supplying the magazines for me to scan and make available.


4 Replies to “Rediffusion Magazines Coming to the Library”

  1. It is the Autumn 1974 Scan magazine. I have it on my PC as a PDF file. If I get time I will rescan it at a higher resolution, got to find where I put the magazine first! If not found I will send you the scan I already have which is perfectly readable but not high resolution. Give me till Wednesday.John


  2. Hi John,

    No problem, when you have time is fine with me. By the way, I’ve upgraded your account to include library access, this also gives you access to the members file upload service, you should get an automated message from the data library software.


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