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  1. Hello,
    Recently got an old ferguson vinyl player but don’t have speakers. Can you tell me what kind of plug connector the speakers you have listed cone with? If they look similar I will look to purchase some as I can’t find the originals anywhere.
    Adam Palmer

  2. Hi Adam,
    A bit more to the plugs about choosing speakers, you need to confirm the impeadance of the speakers that are suitable for your Ferguson,. This may be printed next to the speaker sockets or on the cabinet back, perhaps on the model number label.
    You can choose a value the same or slighly higher, if you choose too high the volune will be reduced, choose less than the rated value and you could damage the amplifier.

    The plugs are usually the least of the problem, they can be changed, many type of plug are still available. In fact many speakers came without plugs.


  3. In addition to my last post, you also need to get speakers that will work with power output of the Ferguson, too small a rating and the speakers will be damaged by loud passages of music.

    I am presuming that the Ferguson is a transistor amplifier.

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