Rigonda Record Deck

Rigonda Record Deck 5 Rigonda Record Deck 6

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4 years ago

I had a mono “Party-Time” – had the cartridge replaced straight away with the Panda/Goldring replacement with the replaceable stylus (which the original Rigonda 2SB didn’t have), and then had to have that stylus replaced when the LP point blew out in less than a week. The main problems: the speaker often buzzed requiring a reduction in volume – this sometimes had to be a “power off” – though I got round that by using my tape recorder as the amplifier and removing the speaker in the end – and if you tried to play a badly warped 12″ record, it could scrape on the speed control, thereby being dragged slower – in fact, an LP I got for my birthday one year did that and had to be taken back to the shop. It was also difficult to play on dad’s Garrard SL-65, throwing the arm airborne sometimes.

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