Warning & Disclaimer

You should not attempt any repairs to electrical equipment or follow any examples as described within the website or forum if you are in any way unsure about your ability to work with vintage electrical/electronic equipment safely: ignoring this advice runs the risk of electrocution or personal injury. In all cases when working on a live chassis an RCD protected area should be used and an isolation transformer should be employed. Although an isolation transformer should not ,be considered a panacea of safety, you can still get a shock. and its members cannot accept any liability for any loss, damage, injury or death caused to any person or property as a result of using the information within this forum.

When registering you are required to read our Privacy policy, the rules below and accept them by ticking the accept box. In doing so, you agree to abide by our club rules.

Rules 1

 This is a privately owned and funded forum, no one has a right of access. Our rules are short, just 10 items, so please take the time to familiarise yourself with them. We retain the right to remove or block access which we believe is in breach of the Forum Rules, at our sole discretion.

  1. Zero Tolerance towards the following: Extreme swearing, politics, religion, racial or ethnic slurs, sex or  violence; you are reminded this is a primarily a TV/Radio/Audio site.
  2. Making Posts: We want this forum to look presentable, therefore every member is expected to make a reasonable effort to ensure their posts are legible. All posts must be in English any that are not will be removed. Please do not copy and paste posts from other sources, this will  cause formatting problems, you are expected to create a post here and attach relevant photos etc. All posts must 14px font size and must be in “black” text.  Text colours may only be used to provide emphasis on words, as shown here. Larger font sizes may be used for headings within a post.  To repeat, please no unnecessary use of editor features, such as font colour, size, line breaks, bullets or emojis.
  3. Defamation: Due to problems encountered on our previous Vrat 1.0 forum, defamation of any kind be it a person, business or other forum will not be tolerated. Failure to comply may result in your account being terminated.
  4. New Members: All new user Members are put in the “New members” group, this means your posts will require moderator approval. Once confidence is established you will be moved to the “Registered” group, thereafter you will be able to post freely.
    1. Minimum number of posts user must have to be able to attach files, 3
    2. Minimum number of posts user must have to be able to post links, 3
    3. Minimum number of posts a user must have to be able to edit profile, 3
    4. Minimum number of posts user must have to enable access to the private messaging system, 5
    5. All blog comments are moderated, as this is open to the public.
  5. The Data Library & Upload Service (VIP areas): Whilst we recognise there are many decent folk, there are those that used to register just to get free data, once they had what they wanted never to be seen again. This is not acceptable, so free access was removed. To gain access to the data, you must be an “active vratter” meaning regular participation on the forum.
    1. If a member stops contributing posts but continues to just make use only of the library, they may find their library access revoked.
    2. It is considered bad form if you download data from the Radios-TV data library and then post your repair on another forum. We would expect the courtesy of you sharing your repair on this forum. Behaviour such as described is likely to result in your library access being revoked.
    3. Under no circumstances share or post Radios-TV data from the data library with non-members or post the data on another forum. If a member is found to be doing this, their data library access will be revoked and may even result suspension from the forum.
  6. E-bay Links: Are not permitted, neither any discussion about currently active listings nor vendors. This stance was adopted in 2016 due to the constant problems they caused on our old Vrat 1.0 forum. Links however can be shared with members via the private messaging system.
  7. Traders & Free-loaders: If you are a trader who joined with the sole purpose to take advantage of the good-natured membership, be warned you will be found out. Likewise, If you’re not a trader but all you do is post wanted ads for parts, again be warned we are aware and will take action swiftly as we have done in the past.
  8. Resigning your membership: If a member decides they wish to leave the forum, their account will be changed to “Expired Account” and they will no longer be able to log in. Their posts and topics remain assigned to the now dormant account. Members who leave and wish their posts and topics to be no longer identifiable, can have all their contributions assigned to a non-identifying/anonymous user.
  9. Accounts:
      1. New verified registrations, that are not logged in within 48-hours of activation, will be removed.
      2. Accounts that have had the initial login, but have been inactive for 2 months, meaning no login and have not made any posts, will be marked for deletion. If you want your account to remain active, you need to log in from time to time.
      3. Accounts that have been inactive for over 6-months but have made posts, will only be marked as inactive and disabled. Meaning, you will not be able to log in.Note: contact can be made via the “contact” page to request account reactivation, this only applies to stage 3 accounts.

  10. Admins and Moderators: Have the final say, there is no right of appeal. If you have a problem with a moderators decision you should contact the admin via pm not in public posts. However, you are referred to the first part of this rule.


A guide to conduct advice and guidance may be found here.