Warning & Disclaimer

You should not attempt any repairs to electrical equipment or follow any examples as described within the website or forum if you are in any way unsure about your ability to work with vintage electrical/electronic equipment safely: ignoring this advice runs the risk of electrocution or personal injury. In all cases when working on a live chassis an RCD protected area should be used and an isolation transformer should be employed. Although an isolation transformer should not ,be considered a panacea of safety, you can still get a shock. and its members cannot accept any liability for any loss, damage, injury or death caused to any person or property as a result of using the information within this forum. You are required to read our Privacy policy and the rules below.


Conduct expectation; be helpful not sarcastic and demeaning. This forum is to here to help nurture and encourage people not to vent and disparage. Our rules are short, just 10 so please take the time to familiarise yourself with them.

  1. Zero Tolerance towards the following: Extreme swearing, politics, religion, racial or ethnic slurs, sex or  violence; you are reminded this is a primarily a TV/Radio/Audio site. Threads/posts should be limited to that subject and related matters. Failure to comply with the above may result in your account being terminated.
  2. Making Posts: You should make every reasonable effort to ensure your posts are legible. Browsers have spell check functions either built in or available as plug-ins. Any posts considered inappropriate, poorly constructed or downright illegible, will be edited or simply removed without prior notice. Any inappropriate images attached to posts will be removed. All posts must be in English any that are not will be removed.
    1. All posts must 12pt font size and be in “black” text, colours may only be used to provide emphasis on words as shown here.
    2. Larger font sizes may be used for headings within a post.
  3. Defamation: Due to problems encountered on our previous Vrat 1.0 forum, defamation of any kind will not be tolerated. Failure to comply may result in your account being terminated.
    1. You must not make statements that are defamatory to, or misrepresent others.
    2. You must not make postings which harm the personal or business reputation of another or exposes him/her to hatred
    3. Posts should not contain contempt or ridicule, that lowers him/her in the estimation of this community, or deters other people from associating or dealing with him/her
    4. You must not make any derogatory statements about other forums.
  4. New Members: All new user Members are put in the “New members” group, this means your posts will require moderator approval. Once confidence is established you will be moved to the “Registered” group, thereafter you will be able to post freely in accordance with this rule-set.
    1. Members can comment on any of the featured blog articles available via the navigation menus.
    2. Without exception all comments submitted to blog articles are queued for editorial approval; if you don’t see your comment straight away that’s the reason.
    3. Members are not permitted to create blog articles.
  5. The Data Library (VIP areas): Whilst we recognise there are many decent folk, there are those that used to register just to get free data, once they had what they wanted never to be seen again. This is not acceptable so free access was removed. To gain access to the data you must become an active participating member of the community. Therefore access is granted at the admins discretion, but is normally only made when a member has proven to be an active participating member of the forum/blog.
    1. Access to the library as already stated is for active forum members only.
    2. If a member stops contributing posts but continues to just make use of the library, they will find their library access revoked.
    3. It is considered bad form if you download data from the Radios-TV data library and then post your repair on another forum. We would expect the courtesy of you sharing your repair on this forum. Behaviour such as described is likely to result in your library access being revoked.
    4. Under no circumstances share or post data from the Radios-TV data library with non members or post the data on another forum. If a member is found to doing this their data library access will be revoked.
  6. E-bay Links:  Are not permitted, this is due to the problems they caused on our old Vrat 1.0 forum. No discussion is permitted about the items seen, prices or the vendors. So please, no “here’s a TV”, “here’s a radio” links, not even your own listings. This will be closely monitored and threads will be removed without notice that breach the policy. Continued breaching of this rule by a member may result in your account being suspended immediately. The only tolerated exception is for example as follows:- If a member is looking for a component or widget and you happen to know of one on e-bay, then a link to it is permitted. Conditions apply, no discussion of price, quality or vendor.
  7. Private messaging: Access to the private messaging system is barred until a member has made five posts
  8. Resigning your membership: If a member decides they wish to leave the forum, their account will be changed to “Expired Account” and they will no longer be able to login. Their posts and topics remain assigned to the now dormant account. Members who leave and wish their posts and topics to be no longer identifiable, can have all their contributions assigned to a non-identifying/anonymous user.
  9. Inactive Accounts: New member registrations that are not logged in within one month of account being activated, will be removed. It is therefore suggested you login within that period.Members accounts that have had the initial login but been inactive for 3 months (no login) and have not made any posts, will be marked as inactive and will be marked for deletion. Accounts that have been inactive for over 6months but have made posts contributions, will be marked as inactive and disabled. In the latter example contact can be made via the “contact” page to request account reactivation.
  10. Admins and Moderators: Have the final say, there is no right of appeal. If you have a problem with a moderators decision you should contact the admin via pm not in public posts. However you are referred to the first part of this rule.

User Disciplinary Procedure

We expect our rules and guidance to be adhered to.

Note: In accordance with the rules laid out above, any breach or antisocial behaviour, the procedure below will be applied. In very few and exceptional circumstances, the procedure may not be followed sequentially. For example an act might be deemed to warrant instant dismissal, as stated these are very rare cases.

  1. A moderator will pin a note to users post. The member should take heed of the note and act accordingly.
  2. If a note is deemed inadequate on its own, in addition a private message may be sent to the member from a moderator. Again the member should comply with the moderators advice.
  3. If the first two warnings are ignored the user will be transferred to the “On moderation” group. This means users posts will be withheld until a moderator approves. The moderation team will decide how long this will be and notify the member via private message.
  4. When conduct or rule breach dictates stronger action to be taken or a member has ignored repeated requests from stages 1&2, it may be decided a timed ban/suspension is called for. A timed suspension prevents the user from being able to login to the forum until the suspension duration has expired. A cooling off period. An e-mail will be automatically generated by the system and the member should follow its advice.
  5. Full Ban. expulsion from the forum, when all prior options have been explored and failed or the admin deems behaviour warrants instant dismissal.


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