Run, run, run away….

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One cold and frosty morning I pulled up outside the customers on what was a fairly steep downhill, there were other cars parked up and down. After some time behind their TV there came a knock at the door and a frantic customer returned from it “Your car is running away!”.

I got outside to see the neighbour guiding the locked van away from his own parked car as it slid (wheels locked) down the icy road. He skilfully avoided everything else before I got in and had a very controlled (no sliding) drive to the bottom?

How did I manage to stop and park in the first place? And why only that piece of road?

One thought on “Run, run, run away….

  1. Hello,

    This reminds me of an incident many years ago while out one cold morning after heavy snow.

    I had to drive in the centre of the road due to parked cars and banked snow, driving very slow looking left for the house where the rental TV repair was. Suddenly there was a loud clanging noise, I looked round to the front and saw the startled face of a engineer from a rival TV rental company. We got out to look down at the locked chrome bumpers and without saying a word we both burst out laughing. It seems he was doing the same thing as me.

    No vehicles where harmed in this story.

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