Radios-TV is more than just a forum, its a window through time, back to a world of vintage home entertainment. Through brochures, period articles and of course repairs, we bring together both ex-trade service engineers and amateur vintage TV and Radio enthusiasts. At Radios-TV you’ll find plenty of advice on offer from our membership and of course all the service info available up top. All sorts of equipment can be found being repaired from 1930’s 405-line pre-war televisions, to late 70’s colour TV’s, radios, amps, test equipment and many other such vintage electronic items, so come on in.

Want To Repair Your Own TV or Radio etc?

On our Forum ( link up top) you can discuss various projects, we openly welcome and encourage B&W Colour TV, VCR, Radio, Audio and Test equipment enthusiasts. There are many ex-trade Radio & TV service engineers among our members, all willing to offer you advice on your project, why not take advantage and learn from them.

You will also find stories of “derring-do” in the Trade Tales section of this site. If you’re ex trade and prefer not to join, you don’t have to be a member, anyone can submit a story or post a comment on any article you find. If you’ve got a tale of your own to tell and would like to see it published on this site, then use the submission form. 

What Else?

We also provide a nostalgic look back at the 1970’s, a decade where some say taste took a vacation, for others it holds a lot of charm and fun. Whatever your view, you’ll be sure to find many 70’s catalogues, all accessed up above under the literature section. Also plenty of other articles elsewhere, not forgetting the 70’s blog section to get you reminiscing. So without further ado, step on in, leave the modern throw-away world behind, travel back in time to the 1970’s when the “Repair Man” was king and please, enjoy your stay at Radios-TV.