Servicing The B&W Sets

The search box below is intended for guests to be able to retrieve a small sample of UK, B&W TV service data from the main data library for personal  use. An active participating Radios-TV member, can eventually gain full access to the main data library, and make use of the “scan on demand” service. This means I can supply almost all your service needs as and when required from my Physical library which consists of  Manufacturers data, Trader, ERT, R&TS and many more. Not only that, but by joining Radios-TV, you gain access to our membership some of whom are ex-trade service engineers and of course the many experienced amateur hobbyists.

Guest Access: Search B&W TV Service Data

Search by manufacturer or model: example  Bush or Bush TV22, Sobell, or tps180, or sobell tps180, or just sob.

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