Servicing The Sets

The information to be found under the ‘servicing sets’ section are mainly extracts from ‘Television’ and covers a small but popular number of sets. For more complete servicing info, registered members who have earned access to the V.I.P. Service Data library, will gain access to a wealth of manufacturer and trade service data.

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ASA CT5003 CT5004
ASA CT6000
Baird 700
Beovision 2600 3000 3200
Beovision 3000 G.King
Beovision 3400
Beovision 3500
Beovision 20AX
Beovision 2800(LX)
Decca Bradford 10/30
Decca 80/100
GEC Single STD Hybrid
ITT CVC5,6,7,8
Philips G6
Philips G8
Philips G8 transistor balance
Philips G9
Philips G9 by G.King
Philips G11
Philips KT3
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Philips K70
PYE 713 – 741
PYE Colour Hybrids
PYE 691,693,697
RBM A823
Rank Z718
Rank Z719
Rank T20
Rediffusion MK4 1982 info
Rediffusion MK4 1994 info
Saba Solid State
Skantic Solid State
Tandberg CTV 1
Tandberg CTV 2-2
Telefunken 711
Telefunken 712
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Thorn 2000
Thorn 3000,3500
Thorn 4000
Thorn 8000-A-8500,8800
Thorn 9600
Thorn 9600 LLJ Tips
Thorn TX9
Thorn TX10
Thorn TX100
Thorn TX80
Ferguson ICC5