Standards Converters – From PYE to the Aurora

625 to 405 standards conversion

Field Store Converter PYE TVT – circa 1972

And with the marvels of modern technology, what once filled a room (above) now sits in the palm of your hand (below).

Aurora Standards Converter – circa now

Standards converters built


  • BBC CO6/501
  • PYE for ITV
  • IBA experimental.

Leaving aside the whole professional  standards convertor subject as I’m neither qualified or in a position to comment. I would like to try and document in a high level way, the Amateur hall of fame. When the 405 service ceased in 1985, amateur constructors emerged to to take up the challenge of building their own standards convertor. In doing so they forever changed the fate of vintage TV collecting in the UK. No longer were these old televisions consigned to be static exhibits but shown as working TV’s, demonstrating these sets gave remarkable pictures,

So in the true tradition of British engineering, here is those few who ventured where others feared to tread.

The Amateur Standards Convertor Hall of Fame:




David Boynes First amateur to build a converter David built two convertors, none were sold to the general public
David Looser. Jim Daniels “The Pineapple” This unit was sold in numbers to the general public
Dave Grant, Mike Izycky “The Dinosaur” This unit was sold in numbers to the general public
Malcolm Everiss “The Domino”. This unit was sold in numbers to the general public
Darius (Converter designation unknown) Numbers unknown
Katharine Manton FOTH PC hardware running Linux to do standards conversion. One-off though others have built their own now
Darryl Hock “The Aurora” By far the most prevalent converter sold thus far. I’m not sure but I believe 700+ now exist in the UK alone.

Note: If anyone can provide photos internal and external, build dates, technical info etc about the other convertors, I would dearly love to include them here to expand on each device in the “amateur hall of fame”.

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