That’s not the set I bought!!

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Another time I delivered a cheapie, we had sold on the way home. I think it was a G11 or K40, certainly that style. I put the set on the lounge carpet on it’s end and nipped back out to get the stand. When I returned to the house I was met by a complaint. ” hang on! That’s not the set I bought” I checked the invoice to be sure and was just about to say that yes it was when the customer added ” the screen on the one I bought was normal.. Not this long screen, I’m not having that one”.

I thought for a second and then turned the set onto it’s base. ” how about now?” I said “Oh yes that’s it” Sigh.. I screwed the stand on and showed the customer where the on off switch was…time for my dinner!

Seriously you couldn’t make it up…

One thought on “That’s not the set I bought!!

  1. This reminds me of a time when we were returning a repaired set to a customer. I think it was a Pye set but what I do remember is that the set and the screen had been filthy… coal dust stuck on with paraffin heater vapour and kitchen grease………Anyway after fixing the main fault the set was given a thorough clean so that we didn’t have to go through decontamination every time we touched it! Prior to that, the picture was struggling to be seen through the murk. Now of course the picture was bright and sharp but the customer was insistent that it wasn’t the set that we’d taken away as the picture was quote ‘too bright’ and her set was black rather than brown…….

    She accepted it after we had turned the brightness and contrast down to well below their normal level but was never convinced it was the same set…..

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