That’s not the set I bought!!

Member: Slidertogrid

Another time I delivered a cheapie, we had sold on the way home. I think it was a G11 or K40, certainly that style. I put the set on the lounge carpet on it’s end and nipped back out to get the stand. When I returned to the house I was met by a complaint. ” hang on! That’s not the set I bought” I checked the invoice to be sure and was just about to say that yes it was when the customer added ” the screen on the one I bought was normal.. Not this long screen, I’m not having that one”.

I thought for a second and then turned the set onto it’s base. ” how about now?” I said “Oh yes that’s it” Sigh.. I screwed the stand on and showed the customer where the on off switch was…time for my dinner!

Seriously you couldn’t make it up…

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