The Apprentice #1

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On a visit to a house in Cleckhuddersfax, the Philips 320 on/off switch was diagnosed as the culprit.

Having the apprentice to hand, it was a perfect job for him, the power cable disappeared into a knot of wires going behind a large fish tank, so I asked the customer to unplug the TV plug since I couldn’t be certain which was which. That done the apprentice started unscrewing the mounting plate and was pulling things backwards when suddenly there was a yelp and he dropped the switch assembly!

The customer apologised and unplugged everything this time.. It could have been worse……………………………. it could have been me!

One thought on “The Apprentice #1

  1. I had a similar situation, only I was the apprentice.

    I’d passed my driving test, so I used to go out on call. On this occasion, The T.V. was a Rediffusion 17″ Sheerline. These were a very early modular chassis, although the boards could be replaced, we were expected to repair to component level. I needed to remove the control panel, which had the mains on-off switch on. Finding a plug in a nearby socket 7 & removing it failed to disconnect the power from the set. I eventually traced the set’s mains lead to behind a bookcase, where, unbelievably there was a cable protruding from the wall, with the T.V. mains lead twisted in to the bare conductors! I had to untwist this , live, to disconnect the T.V.

    This wasn’t an uncommon scenario in East London.

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