The Colour CRT

Shadow Mask Colour Television Tube

The first Colour television service in Europe was started in the British Broadcasting Corporation in July 1967. At this time, the colour display device most satisfactory for domestic use and capable of quantity production was the Shadow-Mask cathode ray tube.

Mazda Shadow-Mask tubes were the first to be produced in quantity in Britain, using a new plant designed by Mazda engineers, which came into operation in 1966. The following describes the construction and operation of the Shadow-Mask tube and its associated external neck components.

Elsewhere on this site you will find many examples of early British colour televisions that employed the Mazda Colour Shadow-Mask Cathode Ray Tube.





A63 200X / A49 192X


colcrt-4 colcrt-5 colcrt-6 colcrt-7 colcrt-8 colcrt-9 colcrt-10 colcrt-11 colcrt-12 colcrt-13 colcrt-14 colcrt-15 colcrt-16 colcrt-17 colcrt-18

scancoil-2 scancoil-1

colcrt-19 colcrt-20 colcrt-21 colcrt-22 colcrt-23 colcrt-24 colcrt-25 colcrt-26 colcrt-27 colcrt-28 colcrt-29 colcrt-30 colcrt-31 colcrt-32 colcrt-33 colcrt-34 colcrt-35 colcrt-36 colcrt-37 colcrt-38 colcrt-39


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