The G11 Project


The G11 was launched in the UK in 1977 to replace the long served G8, here is a scan of a Philips sales manual covering all aspects of the design, development and release of the new chassis.

The Philips G11 was designed and manufactured in Britain, it anticipated high standards of quality, performance, reliability and serviceability. It incorporated the latest generation of colour picture tube techniques, the 20AX in-line system, every model met the exacting requirements of safety at the time BS415.

Read on to gain an insight into the G11.

Later Example G11 from my collection, a 1980 G22C706/1,

see links at foot of page for a 1978 version and this in greater detail



g11-2 g11-3 g11-4 g11-5 g11-6g11-8 g11-9 g11-10 g11-11 g11-12 g11-13 g11-14 g11-15 g11-16 g11-17 g11-18 g11-19 g11-20 g11-21 g11-23 g11-24 g11-25 g11-26 g11-27 g11-28 g11-29 g11-31 g11-32 g11-33 g11-34 g11-35 g11-36 g11-37a g11-37b g11-37c g11-38 g11-39 g11-40 g11-41 g11-42

Here are two G11 examples in my collection

1978 Roberts RCT-262/T

1980 Philips G22C706/01

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  1. I remember the Philips G11 and in my opinion it was a very poor television set compared to the Philips G8. To many faults to mention, not a great TV.

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