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I’m all for sensible precautions but I’m really struggling to make sense of the supposed intelligence of the Covid virus and the lack of intelligence, of those running the show.

New N.E. restrictions as of midnight tonight 17/09/2020:
Under the new restrictions Mr Hancock said residents will not be able to mix with people outside their households and support bubbles. Restaurants will only be able to offer table service and restaurants, bars and pubs will have to shut between 22:00 BST and 05:00. Schools remain open as do workplaces.

So I cannot have my mate over as he is outside my household, even if we maintained 2-metre distance as the virus if present, will attack/infect one or both of us.

However under the Gov’s scenarios the virus will decide and comply with the following:-

  • instead of meeting in my house/garden, we can both decide to go down the local pub, meet anytime between 6am and 9:59pm, get pissed and become way too relaxed about keeping our distance or we could go for a meal in a restaurant and do likewise.

Covid will say, “OK boys, i’ll walk on by and leave you alone as you’re in a pub/restaurant during the “SAFE” hours”. Bozo and his buddies said Covid, can’t touch you and I will abide. But remember, pubs can only stay open until 10pm, apparently after 10pm covid goes rampant.  Those “in charge” need to realise alcohol consumed at anytime of the day will lead to folk being less careful and covid as far as I’m aware, is not yet sentient it will ignore your silly, childish rules, where’s the science boys? Shut the pubs, IDIOTS CANNOT SELF REGULATE THEMSELVES UNDER THE INFLUENCE.

  • Likewise Covid wandering about town will come across a school or workplace BUT due to its heightened intelligence, will realise its not allowed to go in to infect kids, teachers or workers and will comply passing on by. It will instead go looking for groups elsewhere, those that are above 6, of course leaving groups of 5 well alone as its not allowed to touch smaller groups. It will certainly hunt down groups of 7 and above. Damn this virus has evolved great awareness, sorry their logic is so awful its borderline ridiculous.

OK, I know we cannot and should not have another national UK lock-down, surely being the 6th largest economy in the world, we should be able to come up with something more coherent than the illogical actions now being implemented. Other countries have managed the crisis far better than us (granted some far worse. but they’re not the 6th wealthiest) and have dealt with it right from when the pandemic was at its worst. Wheres the flamin app boys, wheres the gold plated track N trace….. probably on the “Moonshot” rocket, the one that’s going to deliver a million tests per day, I would loved to have seen Chris Whitty’s face when Bozo blurted that latest gem out. Did I hear someone cough, Bovine Excrement!! Come on Mr Whitty, stand up for reality or guilty by association.

Don’t flame me as a covid denier, irresponsible arse or a whiner as I’m not!

I abide by rules and have only been out 4 times since Feb 2020, one of those was to the docs, one to get the car MOT’d 5 weeks ago and the last was a couple of pleasure days out when the restrictions were lifted to see the Teleman. To say my mental health has suffered as a result would be an understatement, but I accept all the restrictions and count myself fortunate where others were not, the lock-down was for a greater good wasn’t it?

However, I’m now starting to seriously worry about those running the show, they appear to not have a clue, making it up asd they go along and its really starting to show. If they are truly following the science, for gods sake  “speak to other scientists outside your echo chamber!

The world and this country are economically and socially screwed beyond belief, I fear for what my son is facing. He turns 18 in 3 months, he still has not received his grades from the marking debacle (as a result of yet more incompetence and dithering bullshit), do the BBC/ITV et al report on that fiasco still? Of course not, move along, move along, next sensational story to stoke fear and division they have “mostly peaceful” protests to report on. How on earth he and his generation will get a jobs let alone how his generation will have to pay for this mess, is troubling to say the least. Sadly most don’t give a toss as long as they get a dose of “I’m a celebrity get me out of the castle” or another brain numbing show they’ll go along with it.

What’s the solution? Well I grant its not easy but rather than idiotic rules that enforce contradiction, what it really needs is common sense. Get the UK public to be sensible and pragmatic like the Swiss and other countries who got a handle on it.

Go out, go about your business, keep your distance, wear a mask, don’t touch your face, wash your hands regularly and above all have respect, especially for those who are older and vulnerable. Think of others not of yourself or your self gratification. I think if folk behaved like decent human beings ( are there such a type anymore?) we might cope without all these ridiculous, illogical and ill thought out restrictions, at least until the vaccine is ready.

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1 month ago

A pandemic is never going to be easy to deal with but planning for one would have made sense. A flu pandemic was simulated in 2016 but it seems not much planning for a future pandemic was made.
The news site is not everyones taste but the information is from civil servants.

You can decide what as been holding up things being sorted out in many ways not just planning for this pandemic since 2016.

Reply to  crustytv
1 month ago

hi Chris,
No your point wasn’t missed and I think the same about the inconsistency of the way the problem is being handled, your points have been echoed by my friends as well.
I was perhaps letting my feelings known that the leadership has had a one track mind this last 4 years.

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