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Another customer that springs to mind was an old dear who rented a set from us. She was your model customer. Paid her rent on time kept the set well polished and always made you a cup of tea when the set needed repair. One morning she rang in a panic. “Can you come and repair the set as soon as possible? Its whistling.”

I said yes no problem I will get someone to call this afternoon. She replied ” can’t you come now? It’s driving me mad, ” I replied OK, switch it off until we get there and I will get someone round as soon as I can”. ” I have, and unplugged it and the aerial and its still whistling, Listen! “. She then held the phone so I could hear and sure enough a loud constant whistle, almost like a steam train whistle.

” Did you hear it?”, “Yes” I replied, “sounds like a kettle”.. “but it can’t…..” Customer. “hang on!” (sound of whistle descending in pitch and volume). ” I’m back! Ooh I feel such a fool! Thank you! bye!”

Sigh…I think I’ll have a cup of tea..

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