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The Radios-TV workshop; two early colour tv’s under repair

We launched our Trade Tales section some considerable time ago and it has proved to be very popular. Not only with engineers submitting articles but especially with our readership, so please keep them coming and use the submission section

This article is aimed at encouraging all the ex Radio & Television engineers to share photos from their days in the trade. Members as well as guests are invited to contribute. I’m certain all the Radios-TV readers will agree there’s nothing better than looking back into the past at the wonderful old days of the Radio & Television trade.

Not forgetting we also have many current and ex broadcast engineers among our membership so we would also love to see photos from the other side of the broadcast chain.  Come on guys N Gals, dig out those old photos, lets see and hear all the stories behind them.


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1968 A shop from my old home town Brighton, Derwent TV in Regent Arcade.

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