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Hi, welcome to my private collection of early vintage colour televisions, have a browse, discover a range of vintage 20th Century British colour television sets. An on-line telly museum, the collection spans a little over 10 years of colour TV development, what a contrast ( excuse the pun) of sets. This period could be considered the Hey-Day of  colour CRT TV technology.  The TV’s all arrive non working and you can follow their subsequent repair here.

The year category 1967-1968, displays some of the sets you could have rented or purchased in the first year of colour being launched in the UK and these sets are prefixed with a star.

Hover your mouse above to find a set from a particular year, see if you remember any. Reminisce when sets were powered by valves from the giants Mullard & Mazda and brands such as PYE, Murphy, Decca, HMV, GEC Bush and many others were household names, all now sadly gone but not forgotten.

Some of the chassis’ covered in the collection

  • Baird 700, 710 series
  • Philips G6, G8, G11
  • BRC/Thorn 2000, 3000, 3500, 8500, 8800 9000, 9905,9600
  • RBM A823, Z718
  • GEC 2110 chassis
  • Telefunken 712
  • Redifussion MK.I
  • PYE 697, 721
  • Decca – Battersea, Bradford

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