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Shortly after I started work for Mastercare as a bench technician in 1986, the gaffer sent me on field service for a few weeks as they were short staffed. I called one day to a little cottage up by Wylam, Northumberland to repair a nearly new Logik 20in ctv (TX90). The cottage was tiny inside and little room to move.

The set was situated on the kitchen/dining table. I struggled to work on it, as the lady was cooking and the table was set for dinner. I gave up in the end and told her i was taking it to the w/shop for repair. After making room for it in the van, I put the back cover on and picked up the set. As I walked away there was such a clatter and the ladys husband was screaming obscene words at me! I had caught the tablecloth in the back of the set and his dinner and the rest of the table contents were all on the floor!

The gaffer got another engineer to return the set as the lady did not want me back.


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