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Retired from the Broadcast TV industry. Interested in TVs from 1936 up to 1950, especially pre-war models.I live near Reading and have been retired for 8 years after selling my company. Now I have time for what I really like doing - messing about with old TVs. I started in TV broadcast in 1959 with the BBC and after 11 years joined industry as an engineer and later as a product manager. I started my company in 1986 with an ex- colleague and worked within the company until retiring in 2007. My TV collection comprises about 20 sets, with about 4 from after 1950. My prize item is a Marconiphone 703 Mastergram which I bought at the famous Bennet-Leavey auction a few years ago. I have 7 prewar sets with one, a Marconiphone 702, undergoing restoration. My biggest project to date is the filling of an empty, prewar cabinet for a GEC BT8161 mirror lid set with electronics as similar to the originals as possible. I would say that I am about 85% through - just the hard bits to do. In fact Mike Izyki has undertaken to finish the BT8161 and has taken all the bits and bobs to work on. It is my hope that when finished, the set will end up at the museum in Dulwich.Administrators Note: Brian passed away in 2017, sadly no longer with us but always with us. Brian left a legacy of work within the pages of the forum, no better examples of this than his pre-war restorations. The link below takes you to a section dedicated to all his fine work, so you see in a way he still speaks to us, shows us how a true engineer tackles challenges. For as long as there are those wanting to read his words, they will continue to educate..
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