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There is a heavy and continuous crackling within a few
seconds of the picture appearing. This results in the
picture loosing width and partially collapsing. Previously
there were frequent flashovers but these tended to cease
when the set had been in operation for about half an hour.
At first glance no flashover is visible but the set has not
been left switched on for long in case of damage to the
e.h.t. components.-J. O’Dwyer (Glasgow).
Remove the top and side covers of the line output
transformer assembly, switch on and you should see
the source of the discharge. The two 160pF pulse
capacitors across the input to the e.h.t. tripler often
give trouble on this chassis. The tripler itself could well
have damaged insulation-individual components in
the tripler can be replaced but if the paxolin case is
marked it would be best to replace the whole unit.
If the e.h.t. lead is punctured a suitable replacement
cable is marketed by RS components. (Baird/Radio
Rentals 700 chassis.)

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