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Beovision 3400

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The set was bought as a non -worker, and after replacing the
line output transformer the e.h.t. was restored. The problem
is that the horizontal convergence will not pull in at the
sides, although the focus and general convergence are other-
wise very good. In the upper half of the picture the red lines
are above the green ones at the sides while in the lower half
red is below green. The corner convergence and NS raster
correction potentiometers have hardly any effect. The
convergence procedure has been gone through thoroughly.
Also, is there any way of ensuring that the e.h.t. is correctly
The e.h.t. can be measured only with a proper e.h.t. meter
or probe. If the boost voltage at TPa4 is correct – 860V –
however and the picture size is correct the e.h.t. is likely to
be right. Regarding the convergence problem, there is a
cunningly concealed switch (switch 45, below the audio out-
put valve – PL84) which cancels the corner convergence.
Make sure it’s on – clockwise. If this does not cure the
trouble, check the following components which have all
been found to contribute to these problems. Corner conver-
gence, transistors OTR6 and OTR7; NS correction, 5C24,
5C25, transistors OTR4 and OTR5 and the 5mH coil 5L1.

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