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In the first place the picture will go very dim,
and some times fade away, but on turning up
brightness control the picture stays, but then gets
too bright and has to be turned down again. It
is the same on BBC and on ITV. I have plenty
of contrast on ITV, but not quite so much on BBC, but still don’t need to extend it to the full.
The same thing results without converter. Regarding the converter, the channel switch is not working as it should do. The first turn clockwise
should be ITV, the next turn should be the BBC,
the BBC comes as it should do, the ITV doesn’t come at the first turn, but if I go on to BBC and
then turn back to ITV I get it with two or three
tries. -H. Tattersall (Bacup).
The fading may be due to nothing more than a loose valve on the lower deck of the receiver or an improper contact between the valve pins
and the base socket. There is a distinct chance,
however, that the trouble could be more serious
and the heater of the tube itself should be
inspected to see if the glow reduces in intensity
when the picture fades. A partial short in the
heater may be responsible.
You should check the contacts of the band
switch of the converter and remove the contrast
control with a view to obtaining one from your Iocal dealer. Probably 5 kf2 or similar value.

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