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Two faults have developed on this set. The first
is that on switching on, a crackling noise is present on the sound. This disappears after about a minute leaving a sliglit hiss permanently on the sound. I have changed the PCL83 without curing
the fault.
The other fault is on vision. When first switched
on a oicture very diminished in size appears. After a while, this picture gradually fills the screen. The
two PY82s have been changed without success.- J. Culligan (Liverpool). If you are sure that the front right side PCL83 is in order, check the associated bias components and the volume control. If the audio trouble
persists, check the sound strip valves on the left- hand side of the receiver unit.
With retard to the vision fault, we would advise you to replace the ECC82 and the P1.81 and also
check the PY81 and the screen dropping resistor
to pin 8 of the PL81 base.

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